We have developed, acquired and/or built over 12,000 multi-family units.
Hathaway is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and operates in multiple primary, secondary and tertiary markets across the country. Since its inception, Hathaway has developed, acquired and/or built over 12,000 multi-family units, totaling nearly $1 billion in asset creation for its investors and clients. The company's strategy has always been to locate assets in markets where there is a valid supply and demand imbalance, thus creating the basis for rent growth and value enhancement.

Hathaway approaches a multi-family investment opportunity with the goal of sustaining and creating value. While we place great emphasis on the quantitative analysis, both historical and forward looking, Hathaway also identifies qualitative opportunities for value creation through exceptional service to its residents, which in turn creates residual economic value for the asset.
Design Develop Construct Journal Spring 2019, Housing to Meet Growth
Hatahway Developmeent is featured in this quarterly trade journal. The full article is available on page 170....
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Construction In Focus
The Village of Hathaway
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Hathaway Development Announces New Apartment Development in Asheville, NC
Hathaway Development and its strategic equity partners recently closed a transaction to acquire 12 +/- acres to do groun...
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