Hathaway Construction Services, Inc.
In early 2009, recognizing the strong emergence of public sector residential housing and the equal void in qualified, bondable general contractors in the Southeast, Daniel Hathaway and Mike Muggridge created Hathaway Construction Services, Inc. (HCS), a well-capitalized, bonded construction firm, with the majority owned by Daniel Hathaway. With the Principals’ and key employees collectively possessing over 75 years of residential housing experience, HCS offers a construction history of over 12,000 units serving as the foundation of the company and has emerged with the knowledge, depth, history and experience to launch any range of bonded residential construction.

HCS focuses around four sound points: budget, schedule, quality, and safety. Each one of these focal points helps the employees of HCS make sound, purposeful decisions on their jobs every day. From the day that initial budgeting is created, each member of the HCS team thinks through the project to anticipate scheduling concerns and offer the required focus to create a safe, quality project. Hathaway has made it a strong point that each unit is delivered to the Owner in a move-in ready condition. Years ago, the principles of HCS determined that the best way to set their work apart from competitors was to finish a project with zero questions remaining; a one hundred percent completed project delivered to the Owner, void of lingering punch items or questions of any manner.

Lastly, but of primary importance, HCS underscores the importance of safety. Our strong safety program insures that the Owner is protected from negligent law suits from workers being hurt, and also lowers the insurance costs for the projects. HCS is on the cutting edge in residential multifamily construction safety and we now require every worker which sets foot on an HCS project to have completed the OSHA 10-hour safety training. To insure that our Hispanic employees get the same training, the course is given in Spanish as well as English.
Hathaway Construction Company, Inc.
In 2000, HDC was awarded its first third-party contract for the construction of the Greek Village at Mercer University in addition to eight dorm buildings in both the Macon and Atlanta campuses. With a contract exceeding $10 million, HDC completed the project in less than 12 months and delivered these facilities for the fall of 2001 school year. In 2001, HDC’s volume approached $45 million and its average contract exceeded $12 million. From 2001 to 2008, HDC’s business continued to grow from $45 million to over $165 million in annual volume. During that time period, HDC built over 13,000 multi-family apartment units and constructed hundreds of single family lots and homes. In 2009, HDC changed its name to Hathaway Construction Company Inc. (“HCC”) to more accurately reflect its status as one of the premier construction companies in the southeast. Since the inception of Hathaway Construction, Hathaway has expanded its area of operation to include Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.
Hathaway Development Company, Inc.
David Hathaway formed Hathaway Development Company, Inc. (“HDC”) in 1990 for the purpose of building single family homes and lot developments. Since its inception, HDC constructed over 500 single family homes and developed numerous lot infrastructures for sale to single-family home builders. In 1997, David formed Hathaway Properties, Inc. (“HP”) to handle primarily the development tasks of HDC and other related companies. In addition to HDC and HP, David formed Hawk Hill Construction Co. (“Hawk Hill”), and Springfield Development Company, Inc. (“Springfield”). Both were single-family home building companies based in Macon. United Residential Properties, Inc., a company formed in 2004 to manage apartment properties. HDC, Hawk Hill, and Springfield developed some notable subdivisions in Macon, such as Springfield, Northridge, Bentwood, and Treyburne, at one time having over 45 contract custom houses being built simultaneously.

HDC evolved into multi-housing construction in 1997 during the ongoing development of Northridge subdivision in Macon, Georgia. Northridge contained an open tract of land zoned for a 200-unit apartment complex. There was very little interest from the mainstream apartment development market, so HDC decided to develop and build these units. After the successful completion of Northridge Apartments, HDC expanded its business model to build apartments in secondary markets throughout the southeastern United States.

In 1998, HDC was on its way to becoming one of the largest wood-frame multifamily contractors in the southeast. Starting projects in Griffin, McDonough, and Augusta, HDC realized that additional experience and personnel would be needed. In 1999, HDC brought on Michael Muggridge and Daniel Hathaway to standardize and systemize the company. Once fully tested systems were in place, HDC marketed its construction services to third party owners. Daniel Hathaway came up through the ranks to eventually become President of Construction and oversaw all construction operations, while Mike Muggridge served as President of all operations and oversaw the day to day business opportunities.